Many websites not loading including


I installed PiHole on a fresh TinkerBoard along with WiFi Hotspot. There are many websites not loading included.

Here is my debug token : ai34b00iza

I am using a VPN to post this.

Thank you


Run pihole -r to reconfigure without IPv6. What is the ppp0 network interface?


I had IPv6 on before and it’s same. I am using this tinkerboard as router ppp0 is pppoe connection.


Your debug log shows that the file /etc/pihole/gravity.list is absent, can you confirm this? If so, I suspect that your installation was not finished correctly.

Furthermore, your device is configured to only listen to queries coming in over WiFi, but not over wired Ethernet. Is this correct?


/etc/pihole/gravity.lis is there and yes it thought it will listen to wlan0 not over eth0. So I used vnc and browsed with chrome (which using eth0). And all those websites not working with PiHole works there.


I don’t understand. Browsing works when you use a browser on your TinkerBoard? Queries will then go through lo then and dnsmasq should always be listening here.

What speaks against having Pi-hole listening on all interfaces?


Yes, when I use browser on TinkerBoard it works just fine. Other device connected to WiFi having problem with many websites.


Can you try it also via wired Ethernet? It could be that your WiFi device goes into sleep mode or something else and hence isn’t always responding to client requests. Just a thought.