I concatenated every BlockList I could find



Try asking at your Pihole IP /admin/queryads.php and see which list it shows in.
You could also WhiteList Google.

Find Ad Domain In Lists
Search exact match. I just did mine.

Exact match for google.com found in:
Hey could some one check this list eg wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/StevenBlack/hosts/master/hosts
Not sure if it is a bug?


I will add this list soon and if any one has a bitcoin mining site that is updated I will add it to my lists.



Completely useless. For example,

ziggo.nl??? do you have kpn isp?
A lot of google urls, so maps is not or bad working. maps.google.nl, maps.google.com, accounts.google.com
twitter and facebook also speedtest.net
Completely useless lists witch this sort of blocking.

Also pi-hole can’t run it good. On a amd A10 cpu. Pihole gets stuck a lot when useing this lists.


appleid.apple.com needs to be whitelisted, thanks!


Here is my whitelist - https://github.com/raghavdua1995/DNSlock-PiHole-whitelist/blob/master/whitelist.list.

This list does not contain facebook/twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Reddit domains because I have blocked them deliberately.



β€˜letsencrypt.org’ is on the list. Could we have it unblocked?
β€˜www.googleapis.com’ youtube mobile app not working on iphone



Updated lists including https://github.com/ZeroDot1/CoinBlockerLists#donations

@anno @ajp2k17 @raghavdua1995 @duceduc


Maybe I missed it (or I am just dumb, both are possible =P) but is the https://smokingwheels.github.io/Pi-hole/allhosts the only list we need to get your blocklist SmokingWheels? Add that link to the list, save, save and update and the pi hole will do the rest?


is this being updated :blush:


Check out the github link(s). I would say anything in the past couple months means its being updated.