Web Interface Reports "Update Available" BUT


My Web interface has reported this morning that I had an “Update Available” (5/16/18). EXCITING!!! So I open up an SSH terminal, type in “pihole -up” and I get this:

Can anyone help? Was there an Internet mistake?


Have you made any customization changes to the web interface? I don’t recoginze Internet-Free as being anything that we have committed.


I haven’t done anything at all. My Pi rebooted due to a power outage but that is it. Nothing else but install only what you release and not BETAs.


Can you check the status of the local repositories?

cd /var/www/html/admin
git status

cd /etc/.pihole
git status




Everything looks fine, what does pihole -v show, is everything up to date?


It does - but why is the Web Interface reporting “Update Available”?


Any ideas as to why the garbled mess I posted has suddenly emerged, yet Pihole -v reports everything is up to date?


There was a similar issue with Core in the past

Please clear your browser cache and reload the web interface.


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