Use pihole dhcp server to propagate proxy




I´m using pihole 3.3.1 on a raspberry pi3 with pihole running as the only dhcp server on the network. Due to network restrictions of my dorm clients need to configure a non-authenticated proxy into their network settings (e.g. smartphone, netbook etc.). Since i´ve mooved away from my cheapo router´s dhcp server is it possible to extend the functionality of pi holes´ dhcp server to propagate proxy setting to its´ dhcp clients?


You might be able to do this with some manual config file editing. Some browsers use PAC files, and there is a DHCP option to pass out the IP for those. You would need to check the clients and see what they need in order to configure a proxy, but once you know that you can set the DHCP options in a 04-proxy.conf file in /etc/dnsmasq.d/. It would be very similar to the config file that we use to set option 6 and hand that out to the clients. Check your config files in /etc/dnsmasq.d for a sample of how to set DHCP options.