Unable to find why "The CW" is blocked on new Roku O/S TV. Can an IP be whitelisted?


A new HDTV that has the Roku operating system. When “The CW” channel was added because it gives you the last few episodes of some good shows for free, all I get is the spinning circle of death when I try to watch it. So I assumed pi-hole was interfering. I disabled pi-hole but that still didn’t allow the channel to play. I swapped my pi-hole IP with and then the channel played fine. There was no commercial, so it is blocking something related to the show itself. When I went to look in the logs at everything that was denied, I couldn’t find anything related to the TV or that channel, it was all google ads & syndication stuff. Is there a way to whitelist an IP on my home network?


Pi-hole does not support selectively “whitelisting” ips on your network. It provides the same dns service to any ip using it.

But if your TV supports it, what you could do is manually set it to use as its DNS, rather than your Pi-hole’s IP.


Will check. I should’ve thought of that. Thanks.


Sadly, no entry for DNS in the TV. Was thinking of setting the TV up to use wireless, then configuring wireless connections to bypass pi-hole, but that would mean my phone and laptops would all get ads. Wish my router (Nighthawk R7000 AC1900) could allow me to specify an IP address range and use a different DNS for just that range. Bleh.


You could use the Pi-hole as the DHCP server (and disable the nighthawk) and then, based on the TV’s mac address, push a diferent DNS to it while everybody else, would get the pi-hole DNS.

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