Top Blocked Domains per Client


On the admin page there are currently three graphs at the bottom: ‘Top Domains’, ‘Top Blocked Domains’ and ‘Top Clients’.

There is a free space on the bottom right, a free space for a fourth graph - something like ‘Top Blocked Domains per Client’.

I would like to have a graph (design and descending sorting like the existing ones, columns ‘Client’ / ‘Hits’ (?) / ‘Frequency’) where I can see a list of devices/clients with the highest number of blocked domains. This graph should answer me ‘are there more blocked domains on my device A than device B’ or ‘which device has the highest number of blocked domains’.

Top Clients blocked queries in Dash Board

I’d like to second this - I think it could be useful to more rapidly identify problem clients or problem users.


There’s an issue with the Discourse plugins atm, but once they come back up you can upvote this request to show your support.


Coming back to this:

Such a feature would not be hard to implement.

Would you like to see this as an additional table (i.e. one “Top Clients” and one “Top clients (blocked)”) or rather remove the existing table and replace it with two new ones (one “Top Clients (blocked)” one “Top Clients (permitted)”) or something else?


Yes. The existing and unchanged ‘Top Clients’ & a new one ‘Top clients (blocked)’.



for implementation details


This feature has been implemented and will be released with Pi-hole v4.0.

I’m closing this feature request now to release your spent votes.

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