Simple speedtest added to Pihole Web UI , Takes tests every hour


Thanks for Awesome mod!!:sunglasses:


Maybe Iโ€™m in the minority, but one of the attributes I appreciate about Pi-Hole, is that is is purpose-built, without the superfluous bells-and-whistles. DNS and blacklisting is its core competency, and it does a bang-up, stable job at that.

I guess I go by the old adage โ€œusing the right tools for the jobโ€; offloading to dedicated hardware/software (I use Pi-Hole instead of DNSBL on my dedicated firewalls).

That said, I simply use my TI(C|G)K Stack env., and setup dedicated probes & dashboards for monitoring everythingโ€ฆ


For some reason your API (getSpeedData24hrs&PHP) does not work very well for me and if i try to curl it (curl โ€˜http://localhost/admin/api.php?getSpeedData24hrs&PHPโ€™) on my rpi I only get


How to use your API?


Does anyone know if this works with the new FTL interface?