Simple speedtest added to Pihole Web UI , Takes tests every hour


Thanks for Awesome mod!!:sunglasses:


Maybe I’m in the minority, but one of the attributes I appreciate about Pi-Hole, is that is is purpose-built, without the superfluous bells-and-whistles. DNS and blacklisting is its core competency, and it does a bang-up, stable job at that.

I guess I go by the old adage “using the right tools for the job”; offloading to dedicated hardware/software (I use Pi-Hole instead of DNSBL on my dedicated firewalls).

That said, I simply use my TI(C|G)K Stack env., and setup dedicated probes & dashboards for monitoring everything


For some reason your API (getSpeedData24hrs&PHP) does not work very well for me and if i try to curl it (curl ‘http://localhost/admin/api.php?getSpeedData24hrs&PHP’) on my rpi I only get


How to use your API?


Does anyone know if this works with the new FTL interface?


I could not test it yet but is should work out fine :sunglasses:


So if I run the pihole -a -sn it add’s an entry to the speedtest dB, but since installing I have lost access to the settings page, getting error 500, going to try and revert it now and see if it starts working again.


That was fun,

Had to reset my GIT, and then force merge the FTL to get everything working again, time to take a backup I think


Same issue as @XcOM. Has a ton of merge conflicts and breaks the settings page.

Pi-hole Version vDev (FTLDNS, v3.3-181-ga7e7680) Web Interface Version vDev (FTLDNS, v3.2.1-195-g4355bde2-dirty) FTL Version vDev (FTLDNS, vDev-5ecab0a)


could you give me a hint on how to reset/remove it without traces?


Instructions are here