Securing a Pi-hole on a VPS with SOCKS5 over SSH instead of OpenVPN?


I want to set up Pi-hole on a VPS and connect to it securely. However, from my non-rooted Android phone I can only establish a SOCKS5 connection - preferably via a SSH tunnel - because the Android VPN service is already used by the no-root firewall. I have a Streisand gateway with a range of tools but don’t know how to customize it to establish a SOCKS5 connection over a SSH tunnel to my VPS-hosted Pi-hole.


Don’t know if it fits your needs but has SOCKS 4/4a/5 support.


Thanks, mibere! It looks good. I found an AirVPN tutorial that shows how to install Stunnel via Termux on Android. AirVPN provides three preconfigured files. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to configure these files for my own VPS. So, further advice would be greatly appreciated.