Option to 'Show all clients'



It would be very useful to have a button or option to display all clients. Maybe it’s already there, but I can’t find it!

At the moment I see the top ten, but how do I find out about all the others that are not listed. An option to show all clients would be very useful tracking down things.


I had the same question, and it would be nice to toggle this from the admin console. If you would like to enable this, here is the link to my request to perform this:

It is nice to see what some of the other devices are doing, IE TV, routers, etc…

Best of luck


Thanks for the ‘hack’ idea, very kind of you to show me that.

On my pihole there is a big wasted space right next to ‘top clients’ = This could be used to have another window with a scroll bar on the right hand side to scroll through ‘All clients’ (who have connected in the last 24 hours).

With IoT taking off it won’t be long before houses have 50 or more network devices all connecting to the network and internet. Smoke detectors, Cameras, Fridges, Washing Machines, Kettles, Coffee Maker, Freezer, Motion detectors, Environmental detectors, remote controls, CD/DVD/Bluray/Media players, the list is too long to think about even now, in future it will grow even bigger with devices embedded into the structural fabric of the buildings themselves. Now is a good time to think about how pihole will handle this change.