Migrating Pi-Hole from lighttpd to apache


This is way outside the Pi-hole support. You need to do some research into basic linux commands. cd means change directory, and you can’t cd into a file.


Here is a nice cheat sheet for a bunch of distro’s though they are not the basic Linux commands :wink:


Some other options like Nginx which seems to perform better than lighthttpd on raw performance and Caddy with SSL out-of-the-box might worth a shot with pi-hole.

Apache install

Thanks for the guide. After pointing to the correct Pi-hole web folder, apache2 can serve the pi hole admin console now. However, on the console, the web api version is missing. Only showing dev().
When doing sudo pihole -up, it shows web admin component is missing.
Any idea how to get this fixed?
And I believe in the lighthttpd config there’s error page redirect setting for ad block page. How to migrate that setting to Apache? Thanks.