IPv6 is not blocked

After much searching how to fix this problem, I accidentally stumbled across this fix for my own setup. Admittedly a new linux user, so I am not sure why this works for me. However, I was having the same issue as shown above (selecting both ipv4 and ipv6 where ipv6 would not enable) and I figured since the pi-hole was the first thing I installed on a Orange Pi Zero, I might as well start over completely, I re-configured the micro-sd card with the armbian ubuntu, and I forgot to sudo apt-get update or sudo apt-get upgrade and immediately installed the pi-hole. It may fail the install, but re-install again and it will fix the ipv6 enabling issue. Then you can sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade. I have performed this action twice (I forgot how I fixed the issue the first time) and it worked both times.

this thread is a little bit dusty, but i try to figure out the same problem.

PiHole works fine, all ads are blocked but in the query log sometimes i can see that ipv4 urls are blocked and ipv6 urls are forwarded.

@jacob.salmela If i fix this like you suggested with:


Does it only hide this entry from showing up in the querylog? Or should i disable ipv6 blocking in the pihole setup because i have no ipv6 connectivity from my ISP at all (and no ipv6 in my home network)?

Thanks in advance :blush:

That only ignores IPv6 queries when generating stats. You can not prevent clients from making IPv6 queries, but you can ignore them in stats.

I had the same issue and after banging my head against the wall for a good day or 2 I found that my router had a separate section for IPv6 DHCP creation. Once I disabled that in the router the PiHole took over and everything was working correctly.

From many of the sites, I Got an information regarding IPV6 connectivity but is this mandatory with all the Printers to get connect with the IPV6 connectivity as I worked on Epson printer and getting Epson Printer wifi connection Problems, How one can able to get configure this issue?
I hope I am asking this question in the right way.