I concatenated every BlockList I could find



I added this list about 3 days ago and had to whitelist these for Play store and youtube to work again listed here


And also normal forums are blocked for some reason



@Davey Thank you for your time and feedback to work that out.
I have updated the lists.


I have slightly reduced the size of https://smokingwheels.github.io/Pi-hole/allhosts

An alternate download to the allhosts file.


The list has been updated triggered via a Tweet from https://twitter.com/hobbygrafix


@smokingwheels I still have to whitelist android.clients.google.com for youtube to work on Android, thanks!


Also, ipleak.net is blocked which is a bit weird… :slight_smile:

…and I had to whitelist spclient.wg.spotify.com for Spotify.



@ajp2k13 Thats confirmed and fixed for the android.clients.google.com . I was 1 out in the length of a command RIGHT$ in my QB64 program. It affects only the allhosts list. Thank you for the feedback.

The ipleak.net site ends up at a Digital Ocean IP address so I will look into that.

The spotify problem is work in progress, I still have ads.


@smokingwheels Thanks for the update and all your hard work with the list. I have a Spotify subscription so I don’t see the ads… :slight_smile:


I don’t know why gearbest is blocked but it should be whitelisted as well.


Thats been unlisted it was in both of the blocklists.


Just wondering if you are using any of these lists in your big list

It contains a bunch of malware, ad, coin, and tracking domains. I found that if I use all of these lists independently, my pi-hole box stops blocking ads, not sure if this is due to an upper limit (approx 1.3M sites) or something else.


@mildocjr The lists do contain a lots of IP addresses and the Pi-hole only blocks domains so you would see ads if you ran them independently.


Looks like appleid.apple.com is also blocked?


@ajp2k13 Are you using the 1 million or the 4 million BlockLists?
I am unable to test Ithings I dont own any.


1 million, I whitelisted it myself because I couln’t login and check my Apple-ID. Not sure if there are more because my Apple TV acted a bit weird as well but it could have been something else I guess.


Lists updated from ZeroDot1 #Cryptojacking #CoinBlockerLists https://twitter.com/hobbygrafix/status/943982521544527874

@ajp2k13 If you could share you findings on your Apple TV in your time I will look into is.


@smokingwheels I actually reinstalled my Pihole recently but I will add your list again shortly and check my Apple TV, thanks!


If you wish to use broadcast on Periscope TV try Whitelisting:

www.google-analytics. com
t.tellapart. com

My hardware resolution is not high enough to actually test.


4 billion blocked domains… quite a lot. have you thought about verifying if all the domains really exist? or have you already checked the existence?


If you wanted to test them all with a wget operation, I would be interested in the results.