How do I block ads on YouTube?


This feature is now implemented and available for early-on testing if you want to get your hands dirty. I guess that means the race is open for the best blocking regex!


something interesting… I can’t watch (some) videos from youtube in my iPad or iPhone either on the web or the app, but on the computer is OK…

When I check it’s always the same domain blocked

I don’t know if this is the best approach… I still get adds from time to time in the computer but I can see some videos on other devices anymore.


This has been reported above also.

I can confirm that blocking these domains, affects youtube playback on mobile devices.


doesn`t exist

#160 blocks messages from Hangouts from being sent.
Does anyone know what is? I see it quite frequently.

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I think it handles the youtube thumbnails iirc.


You’re right. Thanks!


Can someone explain me step-by-step how this work? How can i use the script? I see many scripts in this topic. Wich must i use?


don’t worry they aren’t working… I’m using them and I still see ads.


There is still no solution to block YouTube ads on your network?


I have the solution revealed here and it’s not working. Even worse, sometimes it’s blocking ads on mobile.

I’m not an expert in this field, but I think the real challenge is separare youtube’s domains that bring to you videos you want to see and videos that are ads.


This is exactly it. Youtube was first to do this and it has worked very well for them to defend against DNS based ad blockers


I’ve read that there ABP seems to block YouTube ads but I’ve haven’t tried and I probably won’t. I’m not sure what they are using.

I use ublock origin.


I have added the lists from uBlock Origin into my PiHole, because they are open source and the lists are avail on github.
Not sure about ABP.


add-ons and applications like uBlock, and ABP use a slightly different technology to block ads. where pi-hole only looks at
applications like listed above are able to look at



Can you give us the link to download list from uBlock Origin ?


Add each one separately.


It was fast :star_struck:


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Could you tell me how you added them? I’m too noob in this =(