How do I block ads on YouTube?



I dont mind an ad at the beginning but blocking just the ones random ones while playing would be nice.


I’ve written a Python script that can be run as a cronjob or separately. It will search the logs for youtube advertisement queries and add them to the local blacklist automatically.
It also creates a file blocklist.txt for further use.
For now when I detect an ad I run the script manually over ssh. Otherwise it runs once a day.

You can find it here.

Hope this helps


To clarify your terminology, you are adding these domains to your “blacklist” (a local file), not to blocklists (publicly accessible lists of domains).


That’s correct. It also creates a local file with the domains.


Thanks for the idea eLVee!

But how is that different than blocking those domains with a simple RegEx? Plus, you can’t know for sure that does are YouTube ads - you’ll be blocking pretty much every video…

Please correct me if I’m wrong, thanks!


Not really different. Just experimenting! So far it still plays all video’s and block almost everything from my side. But ran into some errors with .sn-. domains.
Regex is a lot simpler than this, but still. Liked a challenge to see how far I would come.