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Pihole works like a charm on my raspberry pi 3. I just updated to the FTLDNS Beta and everything is working on my raspberry pi except the query log. When I click it on the GUI it just show me the message: Processing. Tried rebooting the Pi but no luck.


See this related topic:


Thnx for the quick tip! I just reverted back to the master and then went for the FTLDNS beta again. Everything works now :slight_smile:

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I have added unbound to this and… it works! Now I see the “queries answered by” graph starting to populate with “localhost”.


You can create or edit/etc/pihole/pihole-FTL.conf and add IGNORE_LOCALHOST=yes

Then, restart FTL (sudo systemctl restart pihole-FTL) and that will prevent localhost from showing in the query log.


FTLDNS, v3.3-181-ga7e7680 has been flawless for me so far. Thanks.


After disable Query logging ‘Query Log’ will stop PI-hole complete

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Algo/Ubuntu starting dnsmasq
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It would be nice to be notified, through the installer that the ftldns deletes every dnsmasq configuration.
My Raspberry pi functions as a router and needs dnsmasq for bridging - now I probably could setup all again.


The original dnsmasq config file is backed up, and if you have any files in dnsmasq.d they are left.

FTL is effectively a wrapper around dnsmasq, so all the same config files will work with it

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