Extreme Noob


So I am not a Linux user.

I set up a VM in my home network of Ubuntu. I ran the command to install Pi-Hole and then went to the VM host machine and pointed the DNS to the VM ip address. It works beautifully.

I shut down the VM so I could edit the resources and trim the RAM back to 4GB. I started up the VM again and now I don’t know how to run Pi-Hole. I’m assuming it doesn’t just come up when the OS starts and all of the forums are assuming Linux knowledge I don’t possess. I know it’s not working because the VM host can’t browse the web now.

So basically my question is as simple as how do I turn this thing back on after a reboot?


After some more Googling after I posted this I found the key bread crumb that lead me to the solution.

I had terminal open so I typed “pihole enable” and boom, up and working again.


It should autorun when system boots