Existing and new DNS servers in Pi-hole


Hello all,

there is a new feature request to add the FreeDNS servers.

We can’t and shouldn’t add all the thousands DNS servers out there. We maybe should specify some minimal criteria for new (and currently added!) servers:

  • no logging
  • no censoring, no filtering (ads, blocklist, …)
  • no interception, no forwarding (info page on misspelled domain, …)
  • IPv4 + IPv6

What do you think?

Add FreeDNS DNS Server
Add OpenNIC DNS Servers

Sounds good, for a Project it makes sense to have open source projects listed as the built in DNS options such as FreeDNS / OpenDNS, as not everyone knows about them, at the very least it would give a bit of advertising for them.

But what about the fact say people use Google’s DNS a heck of a lot and we know its monitored like hell, i do agree the default built in ones should be as Mibere has mentioned.


Honestly, I would immediately remove the Google DNS server in Pi-hole. I would never recommend to use it.

And OpenDNS, I’m not sure right now, but what about the “no interception, no forwarding” criteria?


OpenDNS has opt-out for interception/forwarding, though that should not be an encouraged practice and requires creating an account.

Maybe it would be nice to add your own upstream DNS server to the UI with a simple form field like:
DNS Name - IPv4 #1 - IPv4 #2 - IPv6 #1 - IPv6 #2

and just have the checkboxes automatically added.