Different password for Add to Whitelist password


It would be great if I could have a different non-admin password to provide to users to add a website to a whitelist when the page appears in the browser.
Even better would be if i could have one time passwords which allow the user to add just one website to the whitelist.

assigned WaLLy3K #2


I assign @WaLLy3K to this thread for having a look when he finds the time. He is the blocking page master.


The block page hooks into Web Interface features via JS, so it’s not really something you’d need to add to the Block Page, really. Between @dl6er working on FTLDNS and @mcat12 working on the successor to the Web Interface, I realistically don’t feel we’d have much time to implement such a feature. However, votes are often known to change our mind!

I can totally see why it can be useful though! As a “low-tech” workaround, I’d look into removing the password from the Web Interface (to allow people to click-to-whitelist from the Block Page), and then use lighttpd to password protect the /var/www/html/admin directory. Guides can be found here and here, but would need to be adapted slightly to fit your needs.

I hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face: