Check DNS


Just curious if theres a way to really dig into a dns server to see if its bad or not (hosting adware / whatever). I have been digging through my logs and see something new everyday but I am curious how I can really dig into it to see what it really is.

Yes I have googled some of it but sometimes it returns nothing.


Not too sure what you are trying to achieve.

Can you be a little bit more detailed ?


I just want to know the best way to figure out if a DNS is bad. Say I keep on seeing in my logs. I have to idea if it’s ad, malware or spam related. What’s the best way to go about digging through domains to see if they need to be added to a block list?


You’ll need to dig around online for clues to determine if a domain is good/bad. The more you do, the easier it gets and you’ll start to notice patterns.