Cant update FTL


debug token : fqrgzl2p1o

I just install pihole on raspbian in hyper v but now i saw that the ftl service was offline so i google it and i easy fix was update pihole so i try to do that but every time i try to update ill get a error see debug
how can i fix this ?


can you run pihole -r and select repair?

You are actually missing the pihole-FTL binary :slight_smile:
Repair should take care of that.



still geting the same error :frowning:


try running the same repair command from the user pi not from root.

does which pihole-FTL output a path ?


yes it has a path /usr/bin/pihole-FTL

and i did try to repair pihole from the user but still getting the same error


What is the output of sudo systemctl status pihole-FTL.service ?


i hope this is enough i dont know how to see more


That looks good. pihole-FTL is runing.

How is your admin interface looking?


i just did a restart now i get this when i do it

and me admin panel look like this know


Try removing pihole and reinstalling from scratch. (install it from the user not from root).


look like it’s not working still new token key 5oxsv35vk5


i did install pihole now on ubuntu 18 it looks like everything is working i did update pihole with pihole -up

but still the ftl service is not running and when i run the command service i see [+] iphole-FTL so i guess the service is running


this one is solved just needed to restart the service

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