BIND9 next to FTLDNS?


Thank you. That brings a little light in that project to me.

Is it feasible to install a dedicated DNS server like bind9 on the same Pi installation ?
I want to get rid of the Googles and other external DNS sniffer :slight_smile:

Help Us Beta Test FTLDNS

Create a IP alias and make sure BIND9 is using ONLY that IP for it’s services = Done! :slight_smile:


Not BIND, but this may be of interest…


Good hint !


I’m running unbound on the same Pi Zero W as PiHole, and with FTLDNS this works great. Running Raspbian Stretch and serving about 14 clients right now (mostly IOT devices and a Mac Mini) - good results so far. I bought a 32 GB microSD for this, was all of about $3 more than a smaller card.