Feature Requests

Partially-implemented These are feature requests that are only partially implemented and may require some extra work on your part to get it working. Implemented The <a href="https://discourse.pi-hole.net/c/feature-requests?order=votes">most popular</a>, and community-voted Feature Requests that we have implemented and are available in the latest version of Pi-hole. Closed or Out-of-scope These feature requests are out-of-scope or just not practical for us to implement at this time.
About the Feature Requests category [Feature Requests] (3)
Snap for Ubuntu Core users [Feature Requests] (1)
Adding a changelog to see date, time and reason when adding/deleting an entry to White- or Blacklist [Feature Requests] (1)
Blocklist stats [Feature Requests] (6)
Possibility to Add Whitelist LISTS (URL) [Feature Requests] (5)
Per device network traffic consumption monitor ? (Code available) [Closed or Out-of-scope] (2)
Reduce size gravity.list with active wildcard and regex entries [Feature Requests] (9)
High availability (HA) for Pi-hole ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (23)
Deny DHCP Address to hosts by address MAC, option [Feature Requests] (6)
Time based domain block [Feature Requests] (1)
Option to allow integration of the web ui in a iframe [Feature Requests] (1)
Option to select a web port number at install time [Feature Requests] (9)
Add OpenNIC DNS Servers [Feature Requests] (3)
AAAA_QUERY_ANALYSIS=no configuration [Feature Requests] (9)
Disable "Dashboard" if not logged in [Feature Requests] (2)
Ability to export transporter to network share [Closed or Out-of-scope] (9)
Api expansion [Closed or Out-of-scope] (2)
Blocking adult and malware domains when using unbound [Closed or Out-of-scope] (4)
Static DHCP reservation with choice of multiple gateways [Feature Requests] (1)
Ipfs [Closed or Out-of-scope] (4)
Privacy settings: Dont log permitted/blocked entries if dont shown [Feature Requests] (4)
PiHole directly on Routers (Tomato, MerlinWRT, DD-WRT, openWRT) ( 2 3 4 ) [Feature Requests] (75)
Possible to strip tracking URL from links? [Closed or Out-of-scope] (4)
Expand API [Implemented] (13)
Limit Access to your DNS IP? [Feature Requests] (7)
Solus OS distribution not supported [Feature Requests] (2)
DNS Cookies Support [Feature Requests] (6)
pi-hole version and web interface version on a mobile device [Feature Requests] (1)
Features white/black/block-lists [Feature Requests] (5)
Show hostname for IPV6 DHCP in log and dashboard [Feature Requests] (8)