Feature Requests

Partially-implemented These are feature requests that are only partially implemented and may require some extra work on your part to get it working. Closed or Out-of-scope These feature requests are out-of-scope or just not practical for us to implement at this time. Implemented The <a href="https://discourse.pi-hole.net/c/feature-requests?order=votes">most popular</a>, and community-voted Feature Requests that we have implemented and are available in the latest version of Pi-hole.
About the Feature Requests category [Feature Requests] (3)
Restricting bandwidth usage to a DHCP client mac address [Closed or Out-of-scope] (5)
Pi-hole 4.0 install on Amlogic TV box, or Alpine Docker [Feature Requests] (5)
Alternative upstream DNS [Feature Requests] (18)
Support for Arch Linux and derivatives [Feature Requests] (2)
FreeBSD Compatability [Feature Requests] (16)
GUI/Function Enhancement - Remote DNS Syslog Forwarding [Feature Requests] (4)
Graph processing time of forwarded requests [Feature Requests] (2)
Query Log -> Able to query blocked or forwareded only [Feature Requests] (3)
Show blocked request from specified IP [Feature Requests] (3)
Download logs from specified IP [Feature Requests] (3)
More colors [Feature Requests] (1)
Webhosting installation [Feature Requests] (3)
Add package to Webmin [Feature Requests] (1)
Export DHCP Settings [Feature Requests] (3)
Share whitelist and blacklist with pi-hole community [Feature Requests] (1)
Option to ignore hosts from appearing in the Query Log [Feature Requests] (12)
High availability (HA) for Pi-hole (running two Pi-hole's) ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (26)
Regex the next level? [Feature Requests] (1)
Separate thousands with dot not available [Feature Requests] (3)
Auto clean up collected data [Feature Requests] (4)
White / Blacklist - Add "Reason" Field [Feature Requests] (9)
Seeing upstream Null results non changeable [Implemented] (6)
Add OpenNIC DNS Servers [Feature Requests] (4)
Adding DNSSEC info to dash board [Feature Requests] (1)
Add Quad9s' secondary IPv6 Address 2620:fe::9 [Implemented] (8)
Redirect back to pi-hole whitelist on blocked domain [Closed or Out-of-scope] (3)
Block internet access at certain times [Feature Requests] (3)
Add support for ignorelist.txt (skip the log) [Feature Requests] (1)
Make Pi-hole compatible with OSMC [Feature Requests] (9)